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To and from any national destination

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To and from any national destination

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To and from any international destination


International Freight Agency

SOUTH EXPRESS CARGO PERU S.A.C., is a Peruvian company of transport services and logistics for national and international cargo that operates since 2011, providing services to the entire supply chain in activities related to foreign trade, obtaining worldwide coverage, regulated by its headquarter company SOUTH EXPRESS CARGO S.A, who has more than 25 years of experience in the logistics market.

We are members of the “Overseas Project Cargo Association – OPCA”, international group of cargo shippers project, which has more than 129 representations around the world and the group of international cargo agents “AOG FREIGHT 247” International group of Cargo agencies, with representations throughout the world with presence in various ports and international airports.


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Attention only to Companies, consider that our services do not include: Household items - Nor the transfer of animals in general.





  • What is a consolidated merchandise?

    When a group of packages from 2 shippers onwards is transportated together; this is named as Consolidated Cargo service; as it’s understood, it consists of grouping goods or merchandise of several exporters to be transferred from / to specific destination (Port and / or airport).


  • what type of transport can I use to optimally move my product to a specific market

    To verify transport mode for an optimal transfer of a product, different factors must be evaluated such as commodity class, commercial value, weight and volumen, manipulation way; packaging class, security, accessibility, availability, frequency, route and cost of transport mode, additionally customs clearance value and required documentation; could intervene in final decision to use maritime, air or land service.

    It’s important to note that each mode of transport has its own characteristics; for example, air service isn’t optimal for long packages because it could affect the cost issue or maritime service can’t be used for loads that are urgent because they’ve longer transit times on their route.

  • Is it essential to insure my cargo?

    It’s important to insure all merchandise that is in transit from one origin to a specific destination; since, it provides a backup that protects your cargo for any damage or loss (risks) that may be generated in the transport route.

    We recommended to our customer to have their international cargo insurance enabled for all their services; decision and cost of this service will depend on the risks that you want to cover on your merchandise basically.

  • What is an IATA Accredited Agent?

    IATA is the International Air Transport Association and are accredited through this association all agents that can act as companies responsible for finding tools to move cargo by air as per agreement to final destination.

    Being accredited as an IATA Agent generates access to a gamma of more than 250 airlines that are members of same association, granting possibility of look an optimal route  to transfer cargo from / to final destination.

  • How do I know if I work with an accredited International Freight Forwarder at Perú?

    International cargo agents are accredited to peruvian air and maritime customs under a 4-digit operation code that guarantees their functions within Peruvian territory; Freight forwarders are legal entities that act as an intermediary between the shipper or sender and a transport service provider. Also; all accredited freight forwarder always will work with their own BL model with their information consigned at accredited agent box on it.